Sunday, June 10, 2007

well yesterday we played at the Growers Market in Grants Pass.
I made $7.00000000, but I'm not sure how much we made total. I was feeling kinda sick,
specially when I found out that there was another band there (I was not at all playing my best),when Taylor rose(ask the Emmons if you don't know her)family came over to listen I got kinda edgy/nervous and tried to cover it up by frowning and only looking at my fiddle.
looking back now though I think it would have been allot better if I would have smiled at least between brakes(instrumental solo),because like in Matt 5:14, I am to be a light to the world not just when I'm feeling good but all the time.
well got to go,see ya!

-Xela out.


  1. Whoa! 700,000,000 dollars?! Actually I had to look a second time to see that it was only 7 must be pretty darn rich! Heehee.

  2. When is the next post? Not that I really care, JK:) Hahaheehee:)

  3. hey i have a blog now
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    love ya and miss ya

  4. Hi Alex:

    Heard you got 2nd place in a contest. Wow! That's great. I knew you were good. Way to go. Next year, 1st place!!!

    Love ya,

    Uncle John

  5. Hey Alexa, what was your trip like? *hint:)