Saturday, September 8, 2007

The longest post I've ever done!

Me and lil' sis Murren.Above:My hand/Fiddle.
Below:all of the following are pictures from MooGrass, which is a festival in Tillamook.
Above: Luke/banjo,Ellie/fiddle(my arch rival),Clyde/mandolin,Nickie/bass,not sure about the other two.

Cassie/fiddle,Paul/guitar,and don't ask who the others are.

Mason here is like a second grandpa, he goes to most of the festivals we go to and never gets away without a hug. He was the MC for the festival.
I must say this was a thrilling experience, Dewgrass (that's the name of their band) allowed me to play a couple songs on stage with them! Ever since I met Jake and Luke I've looked up (and down) to them.

This was during an awesome jam session. Starting from right to left,Emily/guitar, Jamin/bouzouki, Monique/fiddle (you can just barley see her bow),Erin/bass,Greg/guitar(in Grey ball cap),? /guitar, Nick/mando, Luke/banjo,ME/fiddle,Jake/guitar,?,?,Katie (pink T shirt) mando,Ellie/fiddle (my arch rival), and Collin /mandolin.

Well, Nick brought some Oreo cookies and Jake here decided to load up.
well this was the last day of the festival, and as a tradition all performers who are left get to play on stage together.

This is the day after the last day of the festival, starting from left to right, top to bottom:Sara, Emily,Nick,Me,Jamin,Jake,Kaiti,Cassie,Anna,Collin, Luke,Mailee,Murren,Iona,AND everybody's little favorite William(AKA tug boat).


  1. Really cool, Alex. Great pictures. Looks like you fit right in with the best of them. Maybe you are the best now! Wish I could have seen you perform.

  2. WOW! What a long post :)
    You are going to be a great fiddler one fact you already are :)

  3. dude you play the fiddle? are you in a music group? i play a mean air fiddle! you can come to my concert i will get you in for half price!

  4. Awesome pictures Alex and I won't say good to see you post but will say great to see you post. You are the best on that fiddle and will be famous but keep humble. You posted some great pictures and I loved looking at them.


    Grandma Dot

  5. Those were some really cool pictures and really enjoyed looking at them. Also looks like you all were having so much fun. Thanks for the post Alex and love you ....Vickie

  6. I like all the pictures!!! Glad that you finally posted:) Well, I guess I'll see ya at church.

  7. ALEX..ALEX...ALEX...YOU ARE ONE OF THE ELITE...AN AWESOME MUSCIAN. YES! Wow..what a great experience to get to perform not only with others on stage but to have a jam session with them as well. I would loved to have been a little mouse in the room to hear all of you jamming away. Love you and especially love this post with all the pictures and your witty comments. Your Very Tall Aunt Ginger "Grin"