Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Ok, we all know who is the good looking one in this picture...or do you... hmmm, well I will give you two guesses.


  1. I'm just going to say B, because he is my bro... sorry:) Haha....

  2. Well then I vote A because he is my son.
    Oh, I can't wait to see the vote from Grandma!! HA
    Although I did tell Alex, I have seen him take better pictures!! :)
    Devin you are handsome and you know I think so right!?! :)

  3. I think A & B are quite handsome so you boys are even lol....

  4. I'm sorry, you are all wrong. The answer is C; the tree in the background. And a handsome tree it is.

    And whats with calling me a brute on my blog? At least you could have said a "handsome" brute. I can't wait to get you over here to do some real work.

    Oh, here's a clue; Don't get up when it's cold at 6:30AM and chop wood; do it the night before and wake up to a warm house like everyone else! I'm glad I could help. LOL

  5. I think it is the one who has his arm around the other one. Yes...that is it...the correct and true answer. Am I good or what? Love Aunt Ginger

  6. Well I can't really distingish who is better looking - they both look handsome to me. I would say it is a tie. I have the best answer.
    Grandma Dot

  7. This is Devin. What kind of a post is that, I vote Kolten, just kidding. I don’t know who’s better in looks. But you’re better in muscles.-Devin

  8. All right, I'll give you that one.(your the closest).