Thursday, February 14, 2008

It's coming!!!!!!!!

WINTER GRASS!!!!!!!!!!!!
ok, I shall attempt to compose myself... those of you who are at all acquainted with my blog will know who the Dewherst's are!

Alright... ok.... brrrreeeaaath...
I happen to have a wonderful grandma who is going to pay for me and collin to go to an academy in Tacoma WA. & Jeremy Garret is teaching the fiddle section!!!!


  1. It is pretty hard to read Alex but I got the point. It should be a lot of fun and a lot of learning. I can't wait to go with you and see what it is all about. Love, Grandma Dot

  2. Fun... fun... fun...
    You talk about going there every day at Omnibus! I'm sure you will have a blast... but I'd be surprised if you had any fun without me:D Haha...

  3. Thats so neat Alex and Collin...

  4. Too hard to read..."Grin" but a great font anyway...maybe if it was a smaller size I could read it or better yet...where is my glasses. Love it that you are always learning something new with your fiddle playing are very, very talented! Love you. Aunt Ginger