Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Poem - The Grace of God

Here is a poem I wrote a few weeks ago to share at church. My mom really wanted me to post it. So here it goes.

The Grace of God

Forsooth the trails in every day
Which in our lives do continually stay.
The fear of death the frets of of life,
The anger of man unleashed in strife.

We find morbid pleasure in criticizing,
The ones we love antagonizing.
We live for tomorrow forgetting today
To our money for provision we pray.

All fear the end though most ignore
And in our hearts this perplexity we store
For the knowledge of sin is given to all
We fear what might happen after the sod doth fall.

We may be helpless but there is a way,
To avoid the judgment sure to come on that day.
It was for this purpose God sent His chosen Son,
Our mediator our redeemer is God's only Son.

In gratitude of this I give all glory to Him,
To small a payment for so great a sin.


  1. That is a very inspiring poem Alex. You have some talent there.