Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wintergrass 2009 was awesome!!!

I am now officially excited by the future, and it's many prospects.
Before I say any more I must confess that Wintergrass was challenging emotionally, with so many great players I felt myself on the verge of jealousy more than once. Despair was also close at hand, however my constant prayer and supplication to the Almighty God of heaven and earth was a great comfort and help.
My grandma was also very kind to me. My Grandma, my mother, and the wonderful musicians I was privileged to meet, were the chisel that God used to shape my character. Thanks to every one for the encouragement.
My passion is to be a first class musician, not just for the name, but rather for what I can do by it. When you have substantial finances you can give to the poor, when you are a big name musician you can inspire other musicians who are less skilled by showing a genuine interest in them. I know the feeling (thanks to Jeremy Garrett, Cassey Driesen, Andy Leftwich, Michael Cleaveland, Darol Anger, Jason Carter, Tashina Clarridge and ok there are more those are just the fiddlers) .

well talk later


p.s. Jakes CD is done now. To Get info about it go to,


  1. That is awesome about the Big Sur camp!

    Yep, Wintergrass pretty much rocked. Too bad we didn't jam more...

    I like Amy's hair purple! :)

  2. Cool Alex! Sounds like it's going pretty good there. I've been working on a lot of music with kaleb and some friends and it's awesome! See ya someday!