Tuesday, May 12, 2009

so this is what it's like to be on the blogs... I'd nearly forgotten! You see that horrid monster FB has taken up all of my writing/typing time.
Be that as it may I am here now and today I thought I would share a small quote from my 2008-2009 journal...

"Dear Journal
I have often wondered about that most common opening phrase,"dear journal". It almost seems to make assumptions of intimate familiarity, as of one addressing a letter to friend or family.
This seems strange to me, for a "Journal" can take no secrets or give any of it's own, unless one put the letters and scribbles of my design as somehow "put to the Journals Memory".
Yet, ludicrous as this seems, I shall begin my recall of times past with this most common, doleful, and illogical opening(regardless of it's illogicality, and the implications therein).
At the present I am, of course(and quite necessarily) writing in my journal. My location? Well, I am at our house in Eagle Pt. OR. I am comfortably seated in the kitchen, at (of course), as you have probably guessed, the "kitchen table".
I am in the chair just northwest of the foot of the table(or left of the end, if one be seated at this point).
Whew! Okay, now that I have bored you(My "Dear Journal") with factual, geographical recall, I must need's liven the "rhetorical impartation", if you will, with the chronicling of the significant events of my short life(well at least recent happenings).
On the 15th of April I...Were sorry, but the following contents of this journal could not be disclosed the expressed wishes of it's author. Said journal has been labled "Top Secret", until further notice is given...


  1. Hmmm Very intriguing Alex...But we missed the best part of it. But I shall endure. :)

  2. Interesting Alex...one reason you say Dear Journal is because it will not judge you, will not comment back, will not say yeah or nay, etc..it is there only to hold your thoughts and let you vent those inner and sometimes funny experiences you are having. Journals are fun and you can always go back and reflect on where you have been, where you are going or currently are. "Grin" I guess you could change it and say "Hey Me"

  3. You seriously need to post before it's been a year since your last post...