Saturday, January 5, 2008

a renewed interest & the man who tops all else

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have the best grandpa in the world? Most have not fore the simple reason that each person is prone to be partial toward their own family. But partiality aside, Ken Anderson is surely the greatest of all.
At the age of 62, ken Anderson is still very strong and is undefeated in arm wrestling (believe me I've tried). He is constantly teaching me something new and interesting and loves to teach about health. My grandpa always lives what he says no matter what.
Yesterday he turned 62 and we had a wrestling party for him since he used to be a wrestler before he hurt his knees. Alright, maybe I'm a little partial but you have to admit this is one heck of a guy.
Love you grandpa


  1. Yes...your Grandpa Ken is one terrific guy! Great post Alex and I am sure all his grandkids would be in agreement with every word you wrote.

    PS: Grandpa John is one great Grandpa to his grandkids too....must run in the family and that is something we can all be really proud of!!!!!

  2. Alex, you're right!!! Grandpa Ken is one great grandpa. And you are right about him being strong. In my younger years I tried many times to beat him in arm wrestling. Never could!!! But ask him sometime what kind of a hunter he is. Ginger is also right. Great Grandpas run in our family. We had the best example ever in "Grandpa Great" Love Uncle Bob & Aunt Lindsay.

  3. Amen, I agree your Grandpa is the best and it's funny he was my best dad also.
    But I must say that we do know some other great Grandpa's too, Uncle John, Uncle Bob and yes Grandpa Great set the example! :)

  4. I guess I am partial also Alex. He is a wonderful Grandpa to all of his grandchildren and he is very strong. I agree, Grandpa Great was a wonderful grandfather and was also very strong like your grandpa. Bob and John are great but not near as strong, ha! I've seen both your grandpa and grandpa great be taken on by many and still win. Keep learning from your Grandpa Ken as he probably has more knowledge to pass forward than any grandpa I have ever meant. Love, Grandma Dot

  5. Nice comments about your Grandpa Ken and sounds like you all had fun. Thanks for the post...