Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Speech, Music & Christ.... AND Taco Bell

Well the speech thing is over and I must say it was a lot of fun.
Yup... a whole lot of fun...

It was really great to meet so many other kid's, but now that it's over I am directing my attention to musical studies.So why am I always tying everything into music you may ask?

For me, music is a constant companion. It's a way of communicating how I feel without anyone knowing. For example if I am in an edgy mood, than I will usually play in a minor key. But if I am in a good mood than I will play a standard fiddle tune, or a slow complicated song. However if I am depressed or confused than I go back to basic scales and runs.. something I'm familiar with.
I believe that music is most enjoyable when you come to the place where you can feel it. Maybe it sounds silly to you but I believe that music is one of my greatest blessings.
I do sometimes.... many times struggle with pride and conceit but God is faithful to correct me and point me toward Christ. If it where not for His sovereign intervention I would be hopelessly lost and destined for damnation with no hope or desire for salvation. In the course of the past few years I have been confused about what it meant to put Christ first and foremost, especially in regards to music. I will not say that I am certain of where I am now, but I will say that when I look to Christ and not to myself I will find the answers to life's many questions.
(True as this may be, I would appreciate any suggestions/comments you might have.)


  1. That was a really good post Alex! We just have to look to Christ! I had a whole bunch of fun at the tourney too and it was neat to see you everyday at 7 am.... haha:D It's neat to see God working in your life, as He is in mine too. Music is your thing and don't ever give it up! See ya soon!

  2. Glad you had fun at the speech tourament. Nice pictures to. Alex you are just going through a growing splirt and everything will come together. I'm glad you have your music and that is a true gift from God. Just keep on playing cause I know that is a very big love of yours and you are great. Hugggers to you....

  3. I miss that crunchwrap supreme, I liked him a lot! Too bad he didn't last very long...

  4. Thanks for the post Alex. I see that you have been searching a lot. Of course, Christ should always come first but He put the love of music in you so just always remember to glorify Him with it. I was happy to see that you were able to use it as well as your speech at the tournament. God is working in you. I love and miss you, Grandma Dot