Monday, October 13, 2008

Poem(slow 'em)

Autumn leaves
from the trees
fly through the air
like honey bees

then on the ground
making nary a sound
till along comes a shoe
that grinds and pounds

into a pile all the leaves go
and set aflame go up in smoke
and on her car the old woman finds
fresh soot that in cold air still winds

not a single speck
escapes the wondrous sight
of the lord God above
bringer of autumn delight



  1. Man, I wish I could write like that. Very good. Is there nothing you can't do?

  2. Wow, with every post your writing prowess grows!

  3. Great poem Alex. Mighty talented you are. You write poetry, write and compose music, play a mighty mean fiddle and are just one great kid! Love from the Very Tall Aunt Ginger

  4. Thanks for yet another great poem Alex. When people can write poems they can usually turn them into songs. Keep sharing your poetry through your blog but better yet, wirte a poem book. You could sell it and Grandma would buy it. Love, Grandma Dot

  5. "What's wrong with that boy..."
    -Bill Cosby

  6. way to go alex

    and btw I like your blog look

  7. Awesome poem Alex! You sure are good... wish I could write like ya:D