Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Group 'activenny'

I have recently been wandering through the untrodden fields of never afore perceived thoughts traveling along the train which is intended for the conveyance of such neurological frequencies. My thoughts speed incessantly towards one so prominent in history as to uplift the loftiest poet, yet shame, by his character, all those who are in association with his very name, who have wit enough to see his fault[s].

Guess to whom I refer, if you dare condemn one to such a title.
(btw colorful answers are encouraged)

-Alex(as if you didn't know)


  1. Abraham Lincoln....
    Steve, your illustrious and sagaciously poetic Father

  2. well Alex I guess daddy got It so
    Abraham Lincoln uh Love ya Mailee Lynn Goldman.

  3. Donald duck? Al Gore? Jeb Goldman? Tarzan of the Apes? Mother Teresa? Chris Thile? Eli Whitney? Melinda El Boro Del Nacho?

    -Uncle Kenny (strikes again)

  4. Who is this uncle kenny Guy? And why is he commenting on my blog?

  5. For he's a Jolly good fellow, for he's a jolly good fellow...