Monday, December 1, 2008

I am so glad that my mother is learning to play again!

At the thanks giving talent show momma and I played an old fiddle song together. She did simply superb!

Notice her excellent posture and beautiful outfit, all backed by the ever steady, unswerving melodious guitar executioner.

P.S. I am the other fiddler, but of course you new that.

-Bu-by now


  1. You two did superb! Along with the amazing guitar playing (Uncle Steve is awesome!)

    I loved it, and hope you guys will be playing together more often... did you see how you brought tears to Grandmas eyes?;)

    Oh, and btw... I guess I did kinda steal the idea about the poll from David... but, it was a pretty cool idea! :o)

    Your cous,

  2. It was neat seeing your Mom play the fiddle again. She was always good cause I remember years back her playing..

  3. Hey Alex,
    Alison Krauss does not spell her last name with an "E"

  4. Yes, it did bring me to tears. I always loved seeing my youngest daughter play the fiddle. And, who knows, if she hadn't of, Alex, you might not be playing the fiddle today. I wonder what you would be playing??? I am so glad that you are and thank you for doing that song with your Mom for me (and your Dad). Love, Grandma Dot