Friday, June 13, 2008

The Contemplation of an Infant

Oh the trials of life, that I daily face
and the strain of a world with a fast moving pace
and how my feet and hands have grown in size
I know that before to long from the floor I will rise

be kind to me while I am small
for soon I will be both strong and tall
then in the field's I will romp and play
but for now I must sit here and contemplate the day

The end!


  1. Ahh, Words of Wisdom from one so young.
    I'll see you later,

  2. I like the picture of the fist and the way he says he will grow!! Ahhh Will's little buddy fore sure! Funny! (David you are so funny too)
    Really good poem Alex, you are the MAN! God bless you in your talents. Oh and the pictures where taken by Destiny...Of course!
    Nice post
    Love mommy

  3. Nice poem and very cute pics and the fist is neat Tami.

  4. Pardon me but this is aLeX not Tami :)