Saturday, June 28, 2008

Yes...It's true... I am back!

Hello, hello, hello my friends!
I believe it has been far to long since last I encroached upon every ones Google readers, so here I am.
Today we went to the market in Grants Pass, 10-12:30. We all played two sets and then we went home. Daddy fixed the swamp cooler so that we do not have to get heat strokes every twenty minuet's.
So... In a couple of days ME and mama are going up to fossil bluegrass festival(JAKE IS GOING BE THERE!). However, on the fourth (the day before) I am performing with Emy Phelps band in Ashland! I auditioned for them a few weeks ago and they turned out to be some really amiable folks and let me join the band. The only draw back is that now I have to practice for Jakes CD, our family band and now this band as well. Not that it is a draw back in regard to pleasure for I love music.
So as Dawn rose from her bed, where she lay by haughty Tithonos, raising her rosy fingers above the horizon carrying light to the immortal gods and the mortals(Homer), or in more modern terms, at the crack a dawn(Kenny), I try to practice as much as possible of all three.
Well, by now you are probably tired of hearing about my so...wait a minuet, your on my blog to read about me.?.?... Never mind.

p.s. no questions about the pics.


  1. It was great to hear your post Alex. I am so proud of your accomplishments. I can't wait to hear you play in the band this week. I know you will do an awesome job as God has given you such talent. Your dedication and practice is paying off. I'm excited about you doing the CD with Jake as it should be tremendous. I am also proud that you are still playing with your family band and are committed to all three. Always keep your focus on Christ and He will give you strength. Love, Grandma Dot

  2. You look a heck of a lot cuter in that orange shirt! (inside joke)

    No, really, that was a most exquisite, tiring, and (yet) dinamic post. But...maybe that's just me.

    Your ol' Cousin,

  3. Alex, so glad that you finally posted what is going on in your world...and by the sounds of it you are branching out and using your talents wisely. Yeah...can't wait to hear you play the next time we visit. Love you lots. Aunt Ginger