Monday, July 21, 2008

Chronicles of aLeX! it's not coming soon it's allready here!

Now I am fully aware that my chronicling of the recent past is come at a time not so recent as the things of which I write. However because it was such a providential blessing I feel I must share it with you.
First of all I and my family went to the Prospect Bluegrass festival. While we where there I found that(above)Tristan and Tashina, Who are world class fiddle players, where going to fill in for band couldn't make it. The band they where in was called New Old Stock and after the show I was privileged get a lesson from them. They where very nice to me and gave me several useful suggestions.(by the way im not sure if "Tashina" is spelled like that).
We played the last set of the festival.

Next we went to the Fossil OR bluegrass festival.
We played, in this picture, at a house we rented(there was no hotels).
We had a lot of fun playing in the band scramble.
As we all know most good things must com to an end. And this great festival was no exception to the rule so we obviously had to promptly vacate the area.
after that we(Grandma,mom,and me) went up to Salem to record a CD with one of my best friends Jake, (you can look him up at
He takes his music very seriously.
OK, this one even tops Cassey Driesen(really funky fiddle player)!
Now farewell my friend, till again I am given the privilege of being viewed by such a worthy...uh?
Oh whatever, see ya in the funny papers!

-Alexander Stevens Goldman the IVth-

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  1. Wow...the "Chronicles of Alex"... now that is catchy and a fun READ!! Is there going to be a sequal? Yeah. Can't wait!! Good pictures! Alex you have met some really musically talented good friends. I bet they love hanging out with you too. You can jam with the best of them and I am sure you talent does not go unnoticed either. Can't wait to hear you play again and maybe go to a festival if one is planned when we visit. Lots of love, Aunt Ginger from Arizona