Thursday, July 10, 2008

I am fully aware that I may display me ignorance by this query I shall make but the question must be asked...ummm...well...WHAT IN THE WORLD DOES "BTW" MEAN?!?!

Aside from this inexplicable abbreviation(btw),which was formerly made by Destiny Jane, I have had but little hindrances from being at ease. Of course with the exception of the fact that I was never taught spelling past second grade, we will not even discuss grammar!

My Fiddle Farley Flew From it's Fine Fiddle case several days ago. Seeing as it landed on the asphalt I was very thankful to find that there where no major cracks. It has been in "the shop" since Tuesday morning and Mr. Bacon, the man repairing my fiddle, found that the seams in the side had separated! He finished it this morning so I cant wait to see him(my fiddle) and catch him up on the new Luke Bulla solo I figured out...
Oh bother, I have to go now...uh by!



  1. Ha! You're a funny guy Alex... I enjoy you're posts... :o)

    Oh, and "btw", btw means "By The Way".... so, yea:D

    -Destiny 'Jane'

  2. I was going to tell you what it means but Destiny beat me to it. I'm glad your fiddle was able to be fixed and I can't wait to hear the song your figured out. See you in Prospect. Love, Grandma Dot

  3. I didn't know what it meant either. So we both learned something. Glad your fiddle is fixed. Email me back soon!


    watch at about a minute in :]

    -amy hakanson

  5. Well thank you very much Grandma, you are always very encouraging.
    And I am completely at ease now that I know what the darn abbreviation is.
    p.p.p...just kidding.