Wednesday, July 9, 2008


First and foremost I would like to thank my wonderful grandma for taking me to a wonderful festival.
Second of all let me introduce to you the attendance(the picture above).
Jake from the Dewgrass band, and Collin.
These are uh...semi normal acquaintances Amy and Ellie Hakenson
Clockwise from bottom right: Jakob,Collin,Jake(wearing my glasses),?Top,Martin Stevens,Kaiti,and myself.
The girls are complete copy-cats:Anna(my sis),Ellie and Amy Hakenson,?,?,?,Kaiti(sorry but I didn't meet very many of the girls).
Yes I am playing the guitar, but do not be to impressed. The guitar I am playing belongs to a ten year old kid who is many, many, many times better then myself.
This is a picture of the "band scramble" I played in...yeah we won.

Wow! How long have you been playing?

Well now you "gotta lytl taste a ma life... Iss predy dang esiting".

By! By! By! By! by!

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  1. Alex - thanks for the pictures of the festival. Great memories and great pictures. It was as fun for me as for you. Thanks for including me. Love you, Grandma Dot